The Speedmaster SM 72four-color models is the ideal press for print shops with a professional approach toThe Speedmaster SM 72 four-color models is the ideal press for print shops with a professional approach to satisfying growing customer requirements or a desire to grow in a changed market environment. The Speedmaster SM 72now boasts an extended range of standard features geared specifically to the needs of these print shops. Combining successful Speedmaster technology with attractive conditions, it offers reliability in production and investment security by delivering high print quality, reliability, and value retention.

The Speedmaster SM 72 processes a wide range of substrates - from lightweight paper to board. It also benefits from extremely user-friendly and ergonomic operation. The feeder with suction tape, which is unique in its class, optimizes sheet transport. Automation components such as programmable washup devices minimize makeready times. The Prinect Easy Control color measuring system, which is fully integrated into the machine control station, reduces paper waste levels. And the delivery - either a compact standard unit or a convenient high-pile model - ensures perfect stacking for rapid finishing.


The press shop is equipped with state of art Polly printing machines

  1. 5 colour press
  2. 2 colour press
  3. 1 colour press

With a maximum sheet size of 19" x 26" the Polly can deliver an amazing uninterrupted production of up to 13,000 impressions per hour. The continuous alcohol dampening results in high gloss printing. Its highly developed IR Drier System helps in drying the substrates in seconds. It also allows us in refraining from the use of anti set-off spray powder which creates problem in the post press stage.

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