Packaging , Shipping Etc

Complete Printing work

The completed printed product has gone through many processes to get it to the form that it is in. We ensure that it reaches you in the same pristine condition as it leaves our production facility by taking utmost care in packing it. Automated shrink-wrapping, stretch-wrapping and palletization machines are used as required for packaging the job. Thermocole/Styrofoam padding and water-proof plastic sheets are used where necessary. Quality tested 5-ply and 7-ply cardboard boxes are used to package your job and boxes are clearly labeled to ensure easy identification on your end. We partner with all major shipping / logistics and can ship your job throughout India and abroad to your door. We can also despatch consignments by road transport or Air-Cargo as required. you can also request multi-location deliveries, and we can pack the job as per your despatch list and ship to various locations i.e cross docking, etc.

About Nakoda

We believe in using the best available printing resources in order to deliver the very best. Firmly rooted principles, trained man power and state-of-the-art technology is the trident upon

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