Quality @ Nakoda Print & Pack

Our products are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards and are the most reliable thus enabling our customers to enjoy the highest print quality and productivity, both today and tomorrow. Our reliable process and workflow management ensures that the quality remains high all the time. Our Post printing Quality Checking module ensures that any prints that leave our premises are flawless. We find it extremely important to imbibe into ourselves that no error should go unnoticed, and appropriate measures be taken to rectify it. We just don't let it go if it is not at par with our stringent norms.

Following are some of the quality instruments we have:

  • Image Control System
  • X Rite Ink Formulation system supported by spectrometer Eye (Densitometer)
  • Pantone Ink Shade Matching System
  • Computerized 100% defect detection system for roll form labels
  • Accelerated weather-o-meter testing machine
  • Temperature cycle testing Machine
  • Peelstrength tester
  • Moisture testing Machine
  • Cobb tester
  • Bursting strength tester
  • TVOC & various others.

About Nakoda

We believe in using the best available printing resources in order to deliver the very best. Firmly rooted principles, trained man power and state-of-the-art technology is the trident upon

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