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Our efficient post printing machinery takes care of entire set of activities that one has to undertake once the job is printed. No Job is complete without the masterly fining touches. We go out of our way, in order to give just the best to our clients. Our post print services include cold set Lamination, UV curing, creasing, die pinching, embossing, hotfoil stamping, automatic carton pasting, wire Stitching and all types binding and gumming.

  1. Cutting machines : The in-house cutting and finishing department with modern machines guarantees perfect finish and trim, saves time and prevents transit damage to untrimmed printed sheets.
  2. Lamination & packing machines : Nakoda Print & pack has a range of on-line and off-line lamination facilities to heighten beauty and enhance durability of expensive print jobs. Lamination protects the richness of colours from fading or discolouring and white surfaces from soiling through repeated handling. Lamination is available in gloss, matte and silk finish to suit individual taste and the special need of each particular job. Hi-tech machines apply the aqueous online coating in the same pass as the printing, saving time and labour.
  3. UV coating: UV is a specialized coating for high gloss surface finish and is an environment-friendly alternate to lamination. UV coating is available in gloss, matte, raised and sandpaper finish, and full page or spot format. Spot UV coating is ideally suited for highlighting a particular area in a page, such as a photograph or company logo as a design feature, to protect and increase the depth of colours or to draw attention.
  4. Die punching & embossing: We have 2 Automatic high speed die punching and 5 manual platen punching machines. With the help of these machines we are able to manufacture the packaging material to suit the needs of the industry. Precise laser cut dies are used to achieve the optimum result in terms of the shape & durability of the carton . Embossing is also done on the punching machines . It is generally used in highlighting a particular portion e.g logo , brand name etc.
  5. Hot Foil stamping: Its another conventional yet very versatile and efficient process to magnify the beauty of the printed material. “A” grade metallic foils of varying colors are used like gold ,silver ,red, green, holographic,diamond texture , rainbow texture and the list is endless. For this we have an automatic foil stamping machine Yawa 790 which has both longitudinal & transversal foil shafts thus saving time and cost in carrying out the job.
  6. Automatic carton pasting: We have the ultra modern and very fast carton pasting machine. This helps us in pasting the cartons of both the format. Complex lock bottom pasting is done with the equal ease as the simple side pasting. It gives the production of 75000 cartons per hour. With the facility of world class digital counter attatched to it , we are able to pack the material online.

About Nakoda

We believe in using the best available printing resources in order to deliver the very best. Firmly rooted principles, trained man power and state-of-the-art technology is the trident upon

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